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Releasing your app is only the beginning.

With your app on the App Store, a new challenge presents itself, app maintenance.


Issues that prevent your app from working correctly will come up and need to be resolved.


Your app will encounter crashes that need to be monitored and fixed.

Small Changes

Updates will be needed to address changes in content or branding, or changes in an API your app uses.


User reviews on the App Store need to be monitored and acted upon.


Usage data needs to be analyzed regularly to uncover subtle problems and opportunities.

Platform Updates

Device and operating system changes can introduce problems if your app is not current.

The snowball effect.

If app maintenance is neglected and problems accummulate, they can affect your business.

Unhappy Customers

App users have a low tolerance for errors and frustration about issues that aren't fixed quickly could drive them to a competitor.
A poor app experience casuses 1 in 3 users to switch to a competitor.

Poor Reviews

Poor app reviews harm your brand reputation and cause prospective customers to consider alternatives.
1 in 2 users say reviews are the most important factor when choosing an app.


Outdated or broken apps can be removed from the App Store, cutting off access to your customers.
Apple purged 47,300 broken & outdated App Store titles in Q4 2016.

What if you had a team of experienced app professionals you could rely on to keep you off the critical path?

A done-for-you app maintenance service.

Imagine never dealing with app prolems again.

Unlimited Fixes & Small Jobs
When problems come up, we're here to help. Get your app fixed and updated as needed so your customers always enjoy a superior experience.

Crash Intervention
We actively monitor your app for crashes and fix them as they occur so issues don't snowball and affect your business.

App Store Vigilance
We monitor every review your app receives in any language to uncover issues and turn negative reviews into a positive customer experience.
Analytics Gameplan
We help measure how your app is used and provide a montly report on your key metrics. Know at a glance if you're on the right track.

SDK, Security, & Framework Updates
We keep your app's dependencies up-to-date with platform changes and security improvements so you don't fall behind.

App Store Managed For You
Reduce app overhead by having us take care of your screenshots, certificates and profiles. Receive a cryptic email notice from Apple? Forward it to us and we'll get it done.

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