Our app maintenance service protects your investment and takes app overhead off your plate.

Select your plan to get started

Getting started is easy. Select a plan that fits your needs and provide some details about your app - no payment required.

Next, we'll reach out to schedule a 30-minute integration consult with you and additional stakeholders.

We get you integrated

During your integration consult, we’ll make arrangements to securely access your code so our engineers can begin to maintain it for you.

Your code is also added to our backup system for an extra layer of redundancy protecting you from loss of valuable intellectual property.

An engineer will examine your code and fix immediate issues then integrate crash tracking and app analytics. These changes are packaged as an update to your existing app ensuring a smooth transition for your customers.

Once your integration is ready, complete your payment and AppFlat is ready to go.

AppFlat is on your side

With your newly updated app live on the App Store, the AppFlat team is here to support your business as needed.

Now you have a team to fix problems, answer your questions, and make small updates to improve your app.

Send us your requests via email, AppFlat Helpdesk, or Slack and our engineers will get it done for you.

Every month you'll get a report on how your app is doing. Know at a glance where momentum is increasing and where additional efforts need to go.

Meanwhile our team is always working to keep you off the critical path:

  • Crash Intervention We monitor for crashes in your app and fix them as they occur
  • Marketplace Vigilance We monitor all reviews of your app in all languages for problems
  • Analytics Gameplan We monitor your app analytics for abnormalities that could lead to problems
  • Device & OS Updates We test your app with OS & device updates to ensure your app continues working as mobile moves forward
  • SDK, Security, & Framework Updates We monitor changes to the SDKs and frameworks your app relies on so you don't fall behind

Rest easy knowing we're protecting your investment and only important items are getting escalated to your attention, freeing you and your resources to pursue higher-value activities.

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