Apple released iOS 10.3 on Monday and with it comes some much needed changes to ratings and reviews on the App Store.

The new StoreKit API available on iOS 10.3 makes it easy for customers to provide App Store ratings and reviews without leaving your app.

Apple has intimated that this new API will eventually become the only approved way to solicit ratings from users. If your app uses an existing rating-prompt solution, it will need to be replaced with this new API eventually. Our bet is Apple will start enforcing this policy later this year.

Also with these changes comes the ability for publishers to publicly respond to reviews on the App Store.

When you respond, the customer is notified and has the option to update their feedback.

Negative reviews are never a good thing but publicly acknowledging a customer’s feedback can make it a positive experience for both parties. We recommend you start monitoring and responding to reviews today, Apple has more info on the rating system here.