Apple shipped some great updates to TestFlight and iTunes Connect today.

The testing interface within iTunes Connect is much improved with a better layout that brings more clarity to who’s testing what. Other highlights include:

  • TestFlight builds expire after 90 days instead of 60 days now.
  • “Internal Testers” is now “iTunes Connect Users” which makes much more sense.
  • “External Testers” is now entirely group-based. Apple has automatically placed your existing External Testers into an “External Testers” group which you’re free to modify as you see fit.
  • Testers can now choose from multiple builds to install. This is great for testing an upgrade or comparing changes between versions. Previously you could only test one build at a time and going back to an earlier version was impossible.
  • Each group can test different builds now. For example, you can have “Employee” and “Customer” groups so your team can test the latest greatest build while your customers test a production-ready version.
  • When a build goes live on the App Store, your testers can continue using the TestFlight version. In the past TestFlight builds were deactivated once the App Store version went live.